Hello again friends and welcome to our Week 3 Update of the One Room Challenge! Things are heating up around here as we start to make some visible progress on this baby girl’s nursery. Here’s the week in review:

I picked up another paint sample (Malted Milk – far left) from Lowe’s during the week, just to see if it would come closer to a match to the wallpaper.

It was not a match. So back to Lowe’s we go. This time with the wallpaper sample in hand.
Came back and got. to. work.

Don’t mind the messy edges.. remember, that will be covered with board and batten.
Two coats of SW Alabaster around the room and two coats of SW Persian Pearl on the back wall.
We are in business!
The room is SO much brighter and calm.
It’s truly the perfect pink for this nursery and everyone could not be more excited about it!
It’s already such an improvement from where this room started and we’re only a few weeks in!
I started painting one of the window sills to see if I liked the look of trim painted in Persian Pearl too… and I think I love it.

Now for a fun little DIY project. Remember those cute little baby animal canvases from my original mood board? That was the first decor purchase my girlfriend made for this room to set the theme.

Well, while they’re definitely adorable, I thought they could use a little face lift.

I knew I wanted to add a thin slice of trim around the borders, but unfortunately what we had on hand was too thick.
So off to Lowe’s we go to find some 1/2″ thick poplar. Picked up 12 of these (3 canvases x 4 sides).
Ripped them down about 3/4″ with our table saw to fit the width of the canvas.
Because I was looking for a more seamless look, I decided to miter the edges at a 45 deg angle.
Close up of the mark and the angle.
Measured out all of my cuts and used painters tape to keep the joints tight while I took a nail gun (using 3/4″ nails) to nail the trim to the canvas (which is made of MDF).
You can see that I made sure the trim was sticking out above the canvas (and not flush) to provide some dimension when it’s hung on the wall.
And there you have it! All three frames trimmed out and ready to be hung! Such a simple upgrade, but makes a huge impact.

Next Week: wallpaper – board and batten – more purchases


    1. Thanks so much, Tiffany!! We canโ€™t wait to get the board and batten on the walls to make it really come together ๐Ÿ™‚


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