How, just HOW, are there only two weeks left before the final reveals?! Click the link to catch up on all of the participant’s projects and progress!

First on the agenda for the day was to finish the second coat of paint on all of the trim in the room and closet.

Finished all the final touch ups on the B&B and the baseboard!

THIS^^ is my inspiration for the closet. I have swoooooned over this baby girl’s closet that Jenna Sue Designs did last year for her little one. I mean, can you EVEN?! I’ve linked her Nursery Closet Reveal Blog Post here.

Then, if you were watching along in IG stories, you saw me tackle a project that I’ve never tried before. I was clearly very excited 😀

I started by setting up the laser level to get my first strip of tape level. Then, to make sure all of the stripes would be the same size, I ripped small pieces and staggered them against the full strip to make sure each new piece was aligned.

THEN came the magical (yet tedious) paint trick that every DIY blogger and their mom talk about. If you’re trying to get really clean, crisp paint lines, you must first paint over the tape using the same same base color first. This will ensure that if there is any bleeding (which there inevitably will be) that the BASE color is what bleeds through.

After I applied a coat of Alabaster to the stripes, I proceeded to paint 2 coats of the Persian Pink (same as the trim).

Like I mentioned, this was the first time I’ve tried this “magical paint trick” and, holy smokes, I am so impressed with the results.

I mean LOOK at those lines! They’re so crisp and I hardly had ANY touchups to do.

View of the closet stripes peaking out 😉 I just think it adds such a fun element to an otherwise overlooked space.

We assembled a few little art ledges that will act as book shelves on the wall between the windows, so those will be installed next week!

Next up: Installing book shelves – Sharing a few finds for the room – Hanging artwork


  1. I absolutely LOVE the striped wall!! I’m obsessed with the whole room and the gorgeous paint color you chose! And I totally didn’t know that paint trick haha… I just saw it a week or two ago!


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