It’s here, it’s here!! The moment we’ve all been waiting for!! The FINAL REVEAL of the cutest little girls nursery ever!! I know I’m biased, but we’ve been working on this room for the past 8 weeks and I can hardly believe it’s finally time to show you all the details.

If you need to get caught up, you can find our previous posts here:
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Week 7: Home Stretch

While this room is not for us, it has been the most rewarding experience being able to do this for a friend. I’m so thankful she took me up on the opportunity when I floated this crazy idea to her. I definitely had some mixed emotions going into this final week though.

Every week I’ve looked forward to spending my Saturdays over here, so not being able to sneak into the room whenever I want just to sit and admire it might be tough. Hah, although that would make for a pretty interesting conversation to have my friends just walk in to their nursery and find me sitting there staring at the walls.

Alright, let’s get to the part you’re really here for… the before and afters!

I truly couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out, but more importantly, my friends are over the moon with their new nursery. I’m just so grateful they gave me the opportunity to turn their nursery dreams into reality.

Whether you’ve been keeping up with the updates via Instagram or by blog posts, you’ve seen the progress take shape week-by-week, but here are a few more pictures that capture the end results.

You can’t have a room reveal without some fresh flowers! Now I know that this is not completely functional, but I had to stage this for pictures before all the “necessities” come through. You know, like the changing pad and diaper can. All that good stuff.

You certainly can’t have a reveal without one last vacuum and curtain steam either! These curtains from Target are my go-to that I have in my own home and the fact that they’re 99.9% blackout, make them a must for any nursery.

You may notice this room is lacking a glider/rocking chair and that’s because, well, it’s still in transit. A little disappointing it didn’t make it here for the final reveal, but hopefully you can imagine what it would look like in this corner on the left.

But, if you can’t picture it, I’ve provided a shot of what it will look like right here ^ 🙂

When I saw this faux log from Target, I knew it would make the perfect side table for the rocker.

Here are the little art ledges turned book shelves I made a few weeks back! May have to make a third eventually once this little girl gets a few more books to display, but the two for now work pretty well.

To bring a little personality to the room, I decided to make this print out of something I had seen on Pinterest during the early stages of designing this room. This one really made Dad a little uneasy. When he read “3 am”, I think things started to get a little more real.

Ahh, the stripes. I just adore how these stripes make the closet pop in the sweetest way (an otherwise overlooked area of any room). And the bunny hook!! Oh man, so many people have inquired about this precious little hook from Etsy and I’m so sad to report that it’s sold out! I’m not sure if there are plans to restock or if I just got lucky with the one, but I’ll link the shop at the bottom of this post if you’re interested.

A close up of the closet. And can we talk about that little hedgehog sketch?!

I couldn’t believe when Becca (@beccahomestudio), a friend, follower, and fellow-ORC DIYer, decided to send that my way after seeing that I would be working on a woodland-themed nursery 🙂 Can’t tell you how much it means to my friends as well, they’re in LOVE with it!

Moving right along the room to the dresser wall. We decided to go with a round mirror to soften the hard lines you see in the rest of the room.

Keeping with the bunny trend, I had found this lamp from West Elm during my initial design phase and I think it’s the perfect piece for the dresser that compliments the room’s elegance and sophistication, all while remaining on theme.

Right next to the happy, expecting couple 🙂

The view from the rocker, when it actually gets here, might be my favorite.

This DIY swing will make such a fun spot to keep all the stuffed animals in one place and high up so wandering hands can’t reach.

I’ve always loved what a good feature wall brings to a room and this wallpaper/board&batten combo is no exception.

How stinkin‘ cute is that little skunk rocker?! See what I did there 😉 I think Lake’s dad jokes are wearing off on me.

Overall, this has been an incredibly rewarding experience and I’m grateful that my friends agreed to let me run with this room with *mostly* full autonomy. Also, a HUGE thank you to the One Room Challenge for putting on this bi-annual event for guest participants to make over a room alongside the 20 spectacular featured designers. It’s been so much fun watching the different rooms come together and learning from other participants along the way. Looking forward to seeing all the other reveals!

Skunk Rocker
Bunny Canvas
Fox Canvas
Hedgehog Canvas
Blackout Curtains
Curtain Rods
Curtain Hooks
Bunny Lamp
Log End Table
Owl Laundry Basket
Acorn Woven Basket
Fox Pillow
Bunny Hook (Etsy Shop)
Similar Bunny Hook


  1. what a sweet nursery and that is one of the most calming shades of pink I have seen. great choice and loving the stripes in the closet too … what fun! congrats on a great ORC makeover!


    1. Thank you so much, Tim!! That’s so kind of you to say. Your kitchen transformation was pretty unbelievable too! Couldn’t believe where you started to where you ended up. Just beautiful.


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