It’s here, it’s here!! The moment we’ve all been waiting for!! The FINAL REVEAL of the cutest little girls nursery ever!! I know I’m biased, but we’ve been working on this room for the past 8 weeks and I can hardly believe it’s finally time to show you all the details.

If you need to get caught up, you can find our previous posts here:
Week 1: The Plan
Week 2: The Prep
Week 3: We Picked a Pink
Week 4: Wallpaper and Board & Batten
Week 5: Finishing Work & Trim Paint
Week 6: Closet, Trim & Shelves
Week 7: Home Stretch

While this room is not for us, it has been the most rewarding experience being able to do this for a friend. I’m so thankful she took me up on the opportunity when I floated this crazy idea to her. I definitely had some mixed emotions going into this final week though.

Every week I’ve looked forward to spending my Saturdays over here, so not being able to sneak into the room whenever I want just to sit and admire it might be tough. Hah, although that would make for a pretty interesting conversation to have my friends just walk in to their nursery and find me sitting there staring at the walls.

Alright, let’s get to the part you’re really here for… the before and afters!

I truly couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out, but more importantly, my friends are over the moon with their new nursery. I’m just so grateful they gave me the opportunity to turn their nursery dreams into reality.

Whether you’ve been keeping up with the updates via Instagram or by blog posts, you’ve seen the progress take shape week-by-week, but here are a few more pictures that capture the end results.

You can’t have a room reveal without some fresh flowers! Now I know that this is not completely functional, but I had to stage this for pictures before all the “necessities” come through. You know, like the changing pad and diaper can. All that good stuff.

You certainly can’t have a reveal without one last vacuum and curtain steam either! These curtains from Target are my go-to that I have in my own home and the fact that they’re 99.9% blackout, make them a must for any nursery.

You may notice this room is lacking a glider/rocking chair and that’s because, well, it’s still in transit. A little disappointing it didn’t make it here for the final reveal, but hopefully you can imagine what it would look like in this corner on the left.

But, if you can’t picture it, I’ve provided a shot of what it will look like right here ^ πŸ™‚

When I saw this faux log from Target, I knew it would make the perfect side table for the rocker.

Here are the little art ledges turned book shelves I made a few weeks back! May have to make a third eventually once this little girl gets a few more books to display, but the two for now work pretty well.

To bring a little personality to the room, I decided to make this print out of something I had seen on Pinterest during the early stages of designing this room. This one really made Dad a little uneasy. When he read “3 am”, I think things started to get a little more real.

Ahh, the stripes. I just adore how these stripes make the closet pop in the sweetest way (an otherwise overlooked area of any room). And the bunny hook!! Oh man, so many people have inquired about this precious little hook from Etsy and I’m so sad to report that it’s sold out! I’m not sure if there are plans to restock or if I just got lucky with the one, but I’ll link the shop at the bottom of this post if you’re interested.

A close up of the closet. And can we talk about that little hedgehog sketch?!

I couldn’t believe when Becca (@beccahomestudio), a friend, follower, and fellow-ORC DIYer, decided to send that my way after seeing that I would be working on a woodland-themed nursery πŸ™‚ Can’t tell you how much it means to my friends as well, they’re in LOVE with it!

Moving right along the room to the dresser wall. We decided to go with a round mirror to soften the hard lines you see in the rest of the room.

Keeping with the bunny trend, I had found this lamp from West Elm during my initial design phase and I think it’s the perfect piece for the dresser that compliments the room’s elegance and sophistication, all while remaining on theme.

Right next to the happy, expecting couple πŸ™‚

The view from the rocker, when it actually gets here, might be my favorite.

This DIY swing will make such a fun spot to keep all the stuffed animals in one place and high up so wandering hands can’t reach.

I’ve always loved what a good feature wall brings to a room and this wallpaper/board&batten combo is no exception.

How stinkin‘ cute is that little skunk rocker?! See what I did there πŸ˜‰ I think Lake’s dad jokes are wearing off on me.

Overall, this has been an incredibly rewarding experience and I’m grateful that my friends agreed to let me run with this room with *mostly* full autonomy. Also, a HUGE thank you to the One Room Challenge for putting on this bi-annual event for guest participants to make over a room alongside the 20 spectacular featured designers. It’s been so much fun watching the different rooms come together and learning from other participants along the way. Looking forward to seeing all the other reveals!

Skunk Rocker
Bunny Canvas
Fox Canvas
Hedgehog Canvas
Blackout Curtains
Curtain Rods
Curtain Hooks
Bunny Lamp
Log End Table
Owl Laundry Basket
Acorn Woven Basket
Fox Pillow
Bunny Hook (Etsy Shop)
Similar Bunny Hook



Click on the image above to follow along with all of the designers & other guest participants on the spaces they’re recreating.

Alright, friends, home stretch! If you’ve been here for the long haul, you know that the room we started with needed some serious love. If you’re new here, welcome to our first ever ORC Journey! Be sure to check in on the previous blog posts to get caught up to speed, but in summary, we’ve been making over our good friend’s nursery for their little girl whose expected arrival is in just a few short weeks!

We left off last week with painting the rest of the trim in the room and adding a pink & white striped wall in the closet.

We also finished these *unfinished* art ledges that will be used for book storage.

Started out by using painters tape to get a feel for where we wanted the shelves to sit.

Action shot deciding how high up these shelves should sit.

And they’re up!

Of course I don’t have any other pictures to show the process, but I first marked where the studs were on the wall (to avoid having to use dry wall anchors) and then made marks of the wood where they lined up with the studs. Pre-drilled some pilot holes so that the pine wouldn’t split, and then used the laser level to make sure they lined up level on the wall.

We teetered back and forth on how high the shelves should sit (say that 5x fast). We ended up putting them up a bit higher because we didn’t want the little one to be able to reach/pull on them, but we also left enough room lower down if they decided they wanted to install a third shelf down the road.

Pretty pleased with how these turned out. Now just need some more books to fill them out!

There was one item in particular I knew I wanted for this room, but I wanted it to be a surprise to my friend. Of COURSE she had to peak, so no surprises here, but I had ordered this little bunny hook towards the beginning of this challenge and I am SO excited to finally be able to share it with you πŸ™‚

Sadly, it looks like this shop on Etsy is out of these Rabbit Hooks, but I’ve linked their shop above if you’re interested!

I plan to bring my Rub&Buff over to cover up the silver screws, but how CUTE is this hook on this wall?!

I meannnn…

We were also able to finally hang these three woodland canvases over the crib instead of having them just lean on the ledge of the B&B.

The dresser was also able to be moved back into the room too, but I think I’ll save those pictures for the final reveal NEXT WEEK!

Something else that needs to be installed next week is the swing for the stuffed animals we made! See below.

^ Inspiration from our original mood board ^

Left piece is the before and the right piece is the after math of using a wire brush stripper. Takes off the harshness of the yellow color of the pine and gives it some texture as well. We cut the planks down to 24″ for each shelf.

We have a huge pile of scrap wood that our sellers had left on the side of our house. We can’t use it for any structural projects, but it works great for little projects like this πŸ™‚

We measured the center point on each of the boards and used the drill press with a forstner bit to make holes that we will thread our rope through.


The stuffed animal swing is complete! The top shelf is a little wonky, so we will have to adjust the knot it’s sitting on, but we can do that when we get back over to the nursery next week.

Next up: THE FINAL REVEAL!! Swing Install | Crown Install | Install Curtains | Final Touches πŸ™‚



How, just HOW, are there only two weeks left before the final reveals?! Click the link to catch up on all of the participant’s projects and progress!

First on the agenda for the day was to finish the second coat of paint on all of the trim in the room and closet.

Finished all the final touch ups on the B&B and the baseboard!

THIS^^ is my inspiration for the closet. I have swoooooned over this baby girl’s closet that Jenna Sue Designs did last year for her little one. I mean, can you EVEN?! I’ve linked her Nursery Closet Reveal Blog Post here.

Then, if you were watching along in IG stories, you saw me tackle a project that I’ve never tried before. I was clearly very excited πŸ˜€

I started by setting up the laser level to get my first strip of tape level. Then, to make sure all of the stripes would be the same size, I ripped small pieces and staggered them against the full strip to make sure each new piece was aligned.

THEN came the magical (yet tedious) paint trick that every DIY blogger and their mom talk about. If you’re trying to get really clean, crisp paint lines, you must first paint over the tape using the same same base color first. This will ensure that if there is any bleeding (which there inevitably will be) that the BASE color is what bleeds through.

After I applied a coat of Alabaster to the stripes, I proceeded to paint 2 coats of the Persian Pink (same as the trim).

Like I mentioned, this was the first time I’ve tried this “magical paint trick” and, holy smokes, I am so impressed with the results.

I mean LOOK at those lines! They’re so crisp and I hardly had ANY touchups to do.

View of the closet stripes peaking out πŸ˜‰ I just think it adds such a fun element to an otherwise overlooked space.

We assembled a few little art ledges that will act as book shelves on the wall between the windows, so those will be installed next week!

Next up: Installing book shelves – Sharing a few finds for the room – Hanging artwork



I wrote this blog post prior to the ORC stating there would be no formal post this week due to the current state of affairs across the world right now. It seems almost trivial to be compiling a post with progress made on a nursery when there are so many more crucial conversations to be had and lots of educating to do. Personally, I know I will be doing lots of reflecting, reading, and hoping it leads to eye opening dialogue.

To those still interested on keeping up with weekly progress reports, I’ve captured the past week’s work below.

Here’s where we left off. We removed the existing baseboard against this back wall, installed the wallpaper to the top half of the wall, and installed the B&B to the bottom half.
Still admiring how good this pink is in this room with this wallpaper.
And one more for good measure πŸ˜‰
Next up was filling the nail holes with plastic wood and sanding down all of the seams so that they’re flush and can look like one unit.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get any progress shots of this, but after sanding, I was able to caulk all of the corners/edges.
Anywhere there is a gap, you fill with caulk to create a seamless look across the wood treatment wall. That includes where the wood meets the adjacent walls as well.
While I waited for the caulk to dry, it was time to figure out how on earth I was going to remove these wire shelves.
You can see here that a flat or Philips head screwdriver was not going to cut it with these. Turns out they’re thick nails that grip to the inside of the drywall. Perfect.
Sooo I decided we would leave the majority of those right where they are and decided to just cut-in around them instead.

It may not look like painting the inside of the closet is necessary from this view, but in person, you can tell that the paint is just flat peachy colored ceiling paint and just wasn’t going to work with the trim being pink.

Here’s a better shot of the contrast between the Alabaster paint that I’ve used throughout the room next to the existing peachy paint.

I have a fun little idea for the inside of the closet, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to that this week. Next week for sure!! PINKy promise πŸ˜‰

After waiting on the caulk to dry, I was able to give this B&B one last coat of Persian Pearl.

It’s amazing how much more obsessed we can get with this room week after week. Finishing work is by no means exciting as it doesn’t provide any drastic changes, but it helps make the treatment look more polished and professional. Once we rip down the existing baseboard and reinstall that, we can finally get the crib put back in its place and even start (dare I say it?) DECORATING!

I’ve gotten some really fun, beautiful little surprises in this past week that I can’t wait to share with y’all πŸ˜€

Next Up: reinstall baseboard – fun closet project – finish painting the rest of the trim in the room – maybeeee some decor reveals?!



Click on the image to be brought back to the One Room Challenge Blog Page where you’ll find hundreds of creatives making over spaces in their own homes.

With another week in the books, we are starting to see some serious progress on Project Nursery. If you haven’t picked up on it by now, I’ve only been able to make it over to our friends’ house to work on the room once a weekend, so it’s pretty important that I’m able to accomplish a lot in the short amount of time that I have to dedicate. That also means I have to make sure allllll of the tools and materials I need for the day are with me when I leave my house.

With a big day of wallpapering and board and batten ahead, you can imagine everything I had to pack in the car with me. Some of those tools included our new fancy Dewalt miter saw and cordless 18 ga brad nailer. We know these tools are an investment, but because we are both constantly working on home projects (whether on our own house or other peoples’), it’s worth it for us.

Wallpaper // Wallpaper Adhesive // Seam Roller // Straight Edge // Nap Roller // Laser Level // Utility Knife // Utility Blades
Alright, so here are the supplies needed for wallpapering. We’re using Roman brand wallpaper adhesive Pro-880 which is a little bit heavier of an adhesive as the wallpaper we’re using is textured and a little thicker than typical wallpaper, a short nap roller we had on hand to apply the adhesive to the wall, a straight edge to flatten out the paper once it’s on the wall, a seam roller, laser level, and new, and let me stress, NEW utility blades. This is going to be crucial to cut straight lines through the paper at the ceiling and sides of the walls.

As a reminder, this is where we left off last week. I painted the bottom half of this wall because it’s going to be much easier to touch up paint once the board and batten is up than it would be to paint once it’s already secured to the wall.

To start, I’m using our laser level to create a plumb line on the wall where I want the right side of the paper to align with. The reason I’m not starting with the wall’s edge is because it’s very atypical for interior walls/ceilings to be completely level. I want to prevent the wallpaper from slanting as I move along the length of the wall.
If you saw my stories on IG, you’d know it took me quite a few tries to get these panels perfectly matched up.

And then the boys wanted in on the action. We marked the studs with purple tape while Lake (the engineer) measured out the spacing for the amount of boxes we wanted to add. If the boards didn’t land on a stud, we just added some liquid nails to the back of the boards and nailed at an angle to secure it to the drywall.

I had pulled up the existing baseboard before installing the 1×5 pictured above so we can reinstall on top of the MDF so the styles don’t run into it.

Couldn’t refuse Dad the opportunity to work on his little girl’s nursery.

And here’s the final result!

In total, we used 5 1×3, 2 1×2, 2 1×4, and 2 1×5 pre-primed MDF boards to create the wall treatment.

Long days worth of work paid off! We’re so happy with how this room is shaping up πŸ™‚

Next up: caulking the seams | filling nail holes | sanding | touch ups | painting the closet/trim



Hello again friends and welcome to our Week 3 Update of the One Room Challenge! Things are heating up around here as we start to make some visible progress on this baby girl’s nursery. Here’s the week in review:

I picked up another paint sample (Malted Milk – far left) from Lowe’s during the week, just to see if it would come closer to a match to the wallpaper.

It was not a match. So back to Lowe’s we go. This time with the wallpaper sample in hand.
Came back and got. to. work.

Don’t mind the messy edges.. remember, that will be covered with board and batten.
Two coats of SW Alabaster around the room and two coats of SW Persian Pearl on the back wall.
We are in business!
The room is SO much brighter and calm.
It’s truly the perfect pink for this nursery and everyone could not be more excited about it!
It’s already such an improvement from where this room started and we’re only a few weeks in!
I started painting one of the window sills to see if I liked the look of trim painted in Persian Pearl too… and I think I love it.

Now for a fun little DIY project. Remember those cute little baby animal canvases from my original mood board? That was the first decor purchase my girlfriend made for this room to set the theme.

Well, while they’re definitely adorable, I thought they could use a little face lift.

I knew I wanted to add a thin slice of trim around the borders, but unfortunately what we had on hand was too thick.
So off to Lowe’s we go to find some 1/2″ thick poplar. Picked up 12 of these (3 canvases x 4 sides).
Ripped them down about 3/4″ with our table saw to fit the width of the canvas.
Because I was looking for a more seamless look, I decided to miter the edges at a 45 deg angle.
Close up of the mark and the angle.
Measured out all of my cuts and used painters tape to keep the joints tight while I took a nail gun (using 3/4″ nails) to nail the trim to the canvas (which is made of MDF).
You can see that I made sure the trim was sticking out above the canvas (and not flush) to provide some dimension when it’s hung on the wall.
And there you have it! All three frames trimmed out and ready to be hung! Such a simple upgrade, but makes a huge impact.

Next Week: wallpaper – board and batten – more purchases



Hello friends and welcome to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge! Click on the link or image to be reverted back to the ORC Blog page where you will find hundreds of other creatives working on different rooms in their houses!

If you missed our post last week, here’s a quick catch up summary for you.. we’re going to be working on our friend’s nursery for their baby girl who’s expected to arrive just in time for the reveal in July! You can check out the mood board we pulled together in our last blog post.

Week 2 has come and gone and to be honest, it wasn’t all too thrilling. The majority of time spent was around prepping the room and getting the primer up, so we can start painting.

Here’s a quick glimpse of the room with *most* of the furniture out. We just moved the crib to the center of the room and will cover with a plastic drop cloth.
Started by laying out this Carpet Shield along the edges of the room to protect the carpet and boy am I glad I did….
Because then THIS happened. Do you even believe this?! I went to move an ironing board out of the way and didn’t realize my open paint can was right behind it. Never been so grateful for taking the extra time to prep a space. This would’ve been a disaster had I not.
In addition to the carpet shield, I also made sure I was bringing this old sheet along with me wherever I was painting to prevent splattering from the roller onto the carpet.
Finally, after priming the entire room with KILZ All-Purpose Primer, I put a few paint samples from Sherwin Williams up on the wall.

From left to right: Allison’s Pink, Downing Pink, Mauve Rose
Here we have Simply White and Alabaster.
We haven’t made a decision quite yet, as we’re waiting on the wallpaper to arrive to color match it!

And because I did SUCH a horrible job explaining the plan for this room on Instagram, I thought I should probably be more explicit on what we’re thinking here. The wall with the pink swatches will have wallpaper on the top half and bottom half will be board and batten that will be painted pink. The other 3 walls will be white. We’re waiting to see the wallpaper in person before making a decision on which pink we should go with, so in reality, we may not even go with any of these choices!

This is my PowerPoint compilation for the crib wall, so not all of the walls will look like this.

Next up: pick a pink – paint the rest of the room white – surprise DIY project

Stay tuned next week to find out what we’ll be doing πŸ™‚



It’s finally time for the One Room Challenge! If you aren’t familiar with what this is, don’t worry, up until recently I wasn’t either! Twice a year, you can participate as a guest, alongside 20 featured designers, to join a 6-week challenge to recreate one room (although because of COVID-19, they’ve increased the alotted time to 8 weeks). The event was created and is hosted by Linda Weinstein of Calling it Home and Better Homes and Gardens. With hundreds of guest participants, you can be sure to find endless inspiration and original ideas by following along here.

We knew we wanted to officially participate in the ORC this Spring, but weren’t sure which room to choose. We *unofficially* participated in the Fall ’19 ORC by finishing up our mudroom/secondary office space, but we were really looking forward to getting in for real this time around!

There are so many in-process rooms we are working on right now including an update to our kitchen cabinet doors, building a sideboard for our living room, and our never ending trim saga. We could start on our master closet or work on our guest bedroom, but we’re just not ready to commit to another mess in the middle of all our other little projects right now.

So with THAT in mind, we floated an idea to our pregnant friend πŸ˜‰ We wanted to do something special for her shower, especially since they likely will not be able to have an in-person shower with all their friends and family amidst this pandemic. We thought giving them the nursery of their dreams would make for a good substitute. As soon as she said they’re in, I started planning out the room.. I can’t help myself sometimes.

Knowing that they’ll be having a little GIRL πŸ˜€ I started sending her a few Pinterest images I had already saved to get a feel for what she was looking for. Here are the ones I pulled..

Ultimately, her favorite design was this one, but with a girly touch…

Then I had her send me pictures and items she had already acquired, i.e. furniture, themed items, etc, so I could start pulling together a mood board. Here’s what we’re working with…

Pretty much a blank canvas, which is perfect!

Mood Board

Crib // Dresser // Glider // Skunk Rocker // Stump Side Table // Rug // Mirror // Chandelier // Lantern Lamp // Bunny Lamp // Wallpaper

This is a pretty high level overview of my initial thoughts, but essentially, I wanted to make sure we were hitting the woodland creature theme while staying elegant and sophisticated. It was important to me that this room could transform into a young girl’s room in due time. If this little princess outgrows the wooded animals, well then you just remove them and replace them with dolls or princesses. The wallpaper was a key element in creating this room as it provides some texture, isn’t too pink where it would be overwhelming, and like I said, is transitional from baby to toddler.

That’s all for now! Next up: Priming the walls for paint/wallpaper and board and batten!

Make sure to follow along on our Instagram for all the behind the scenes. We’ll be sure to continue posting stories along the way. Thanks for following along!


Our first blog post! Sources linked below!

About a year and a half of living with an original 1983 bathroom, it was finally time to renovate the space.

A few things I knew I wanted in this space: a light wood vanity, 3 individual wall sconces instead of a double/triple sconce, and white walls and tile.

I also drew a lot of inspiration for this bathroom makeover from Jenna Sue Design. Her Guest Bathroom and Master Bathroom both had elements I really loved and was able to incorporate them here. Find all of her amazing projects on her blog:

Starting with a few before pictures…

The view from the bedroom
The bathroom was separated into 2 rooms
Behind the door was the toilet, shower, and another sink.
Classic 1980’s tray shower
Another sink on the other side of the door

So, we started by removing the wall (not load-bearing), both sinks, and shower insert.

Check out the ceiling over the shower. For whatever reason, builders in the 80’s thought a lower ceiling would decrease the condensation from the steam of the shower. To me, it’s just taking up valuable space and making the room look much smaller.
Goodbye low ceiling!

When removing the drywall, we exposed the attic, which happens to be full of hot air. Soon after beginning the demo, our upstairs HVAC shut down on us, so cue unexpected setback #1.

FYI renovating a small space, in the middle of August, with no AC = not fun.

Had a plumber come & cap off the one sink that was behind the door…
…and install another supply and drain line for our double vanity.

From there, it was getting the walls up, sealing the seams, priming for paint, and waterproofing for tile.

Note the Starbucks cup. Necessary when working 12-14 hour days.

I would argue the worst/most frustrating part of the entire reno was the drywall work. Talk about dust and just mass chaos… will be hiring out for this next time around.

Finally we were ready to put the board and batten up (really, just batten.. no board necessary with non-textured walls).

Now to my *second* favorite part of the renovation.. tile work πŸ™‚ Second only to decorating, of course.

I had my tiles picked out for about a month or two at this point, so I was ready to finally start laying down the mortar and getting to work.

Tile graveyard
This tile was inspired by Jenna Sue’s Guest Bathroom in her new Heights House ( ). If you’re at all interested in DIY home renovations – she’s a must follow!

Last minute decision to add some faux beams that Lake boxed together from some 1×4″ common board we had lying around from past projects. To achieve the rustic look, we used a propane torch to char the wood and then went over it with a wire brush to create texture. I love how it brings in so much warmth to an otherwise cold-hued bathroom.

Almost forgot to mention setbacks #2 & #3…

One of our sinks from Amazon showed up like this ^ on our door step and the toilet from Lowe’s came like this. Fortunately, both were able to accept returns and replace the items, but it’s always a little disheartening when you go to install something and it’s completely unusable.

Setback #4 was the delay in getting the custom vanity top to be cut and delivered. We’d be promised one day and then not hear from the company until the day after. Super frustrating people to work with, but the overall cost savings (due to the mistakes on their end) were worth the wait.

Also, I know it may look like now is the first time I’m getting involved in this project, but I promise you, I was helping the whole time! I just happen to be the only one who will stop for progress pictures.

Last, but not least (in terms of tile) was the bathroom floor!

And that’s it! From here, we installed the custom vanity that Lake built out of reclaimed White Oak barn wood. Had the remnant stone company FINALLY come cut the top and place the sinks. Some hard plumbing work later and we’re finally done with the master bathroom.

Hope you like it because we can’t get enough of it!

Let us know what you think : )


Floor Tile: Floor & Decor
Shower Floor Tile: Home Depot
Shower Walls: Lowe’s
Shower Niches: Lowe’s
Shower Head: Overstock
Shower Door: Overstock
Toilet: Home Depot
Sinks: Amazon
Faucets: Amazon
Sconces: Amazon
Rug: Amazon
Mirrors: Kirkland’s
Apothecary: Anthropologie
Towel Bars: Anthropologie
Stool: Target
Wooden Frames: H&M

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