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With another week in the books, we are starting to see some serious progress on Project Nursery. If you haven’t picked up on it by now, I’ve only been able to make it over to our friends’ house to work on the room once a weekend, so it’s pretty important that I’m able to accomplish a lot in the short amount of time that I have to dedicate. That also means I have to make sure allllll of the tools and materials I need for the day are with me when I leave my house.

With a big day of wallpapering and board and batten ahead, you can imagine everything I had to pack in the car with me. Some of those tools included our new fancy Dewalt miter saw and cordless 18 ga brad nailer. We know these tools are an investment, but because we are both constantly working on home projects (whether on our own house or other peoples’), it’s worth it for us.

Wallpaper // Wallpaper Adhesive // Seam Roller // Straight Edge // Nap Roller // Laser Level // Utility Knife // Utility Blades
Alright, so here are the supplies needed for wallpapering. We’re using Roman brand wallpaper adhesive Pro-880 which is a little bit heavier of an adhesive as the wallpaper we’re using is textured and a little thicker than typical wallpaper, a short nap roller we had on hand to apply the adhesive to the wall, a straight edge to flatten out the paper once it’s on the wall, a seam roller, laser level, and new, and let me stress, NEW utility blades. This is going to be crucial to cut straight lines through the paper at the ceiling and sides of the walls.

As a reminder, this is where we left off last week. I painted the bottom half of this wall because it’s going to be much easier to touch up paint once the board and batten is up than it would be to paint once it’s already secured to the wall.

To start, I’m using our laser level to create a plumb line on the wall where I want the right side of the paper to align with. The reason I’m not starting with the wall’s edge is because it’s very atypical for interior walls/ceilings to be completely level. I want to prevent the wallpaper from slanting as I move along the length of the wall.
If you saw my stories on IG, you’d know it took me quite a few tries to get these panels perfectly matched up.

And then the boys wanted in on the action. We marked the studs with purple tape while Lake (the engineer) measured out the spacing for the amount of boxes we wanted to add. If the boards didn’t land on a stud, we just added some liquid nails to the back of the boards and nailed at an angle to secure it to the drywall.

I had pulled up the existing baseboard before installing the 1×5 pictured above so we can reinstall on top of the MDF so the styles don’t run into it.

Couldn’t refuse Dad the opportunity to work on his little girl’s nursery.

And here’s the final result!

In total, we used 5 1×3, 2 1×2, 2 1×4, and 2 1×5 pre-primed MDF boards to create the wall treatment.

Long days worth of work paid off! We’re so happy with how this room is shaping up ๐Ÿ™‚

Next up: caulking the seams | filling nail holes | sanding | touch ups | painting the closet/trim


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