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Alright, friends, home stretch! If you’ve been here for the long haul, you know that the room we started with needed some serious love. If you’re new here, welcome to our first ever ORC Journey! Be sure to check in on the previous blog posts to get caught up to speed, but in summary, we’ve been making over our good friend’s nursery for their little girl whose expected arrival is in just a few short weeks!

We left off last week with painting the rest of the trim in the room and adding a pink & white striped wall in the closet.

We also finished these *unfinished* art ledges that will be used for book storage.

Started out by using painters tape to get a feel for where we wanted the shelves to sit.

Action shot deciding how high up these shelves should sit.

And they’re up!

Of course I don’t have any other pictures to show the process, but I first marked where the studs were on the wall (to avoid having to use dry wall anchors) and then made marks of the wood where they lined up with the studs. Pre-drilled some pilot holes so that the pine wouldn’t split, and then used the laser level to make sure they lined up level on the wall.

We teetered back and forth on how high the shelves should sit (say that 5x fast). We ended up putting them up a bit higher because we didn’t want the little one to be able to reach/pull on them, but we also left enough room lower down if they decided they wanted to install a third shelf down the road.

Pretty pleased with how these turned out. Now just need some more books to fill them out!

There was one item in particular I knew I wanted for this room, but I wanted it to be a surprise to my friend. Of COURSE she had to peak, so no surprises here, but I had ordered this little bunny hook towards the beginning of this challenge and I am SO excited to finally be able to share it with you πŸ™‚

Sadly, it looks like this shop on Etsy is out of these Rabbit Hooks, but I’ve linked their shop above if you’re interested!

I plan to bring my Rub&Buff over to cover up the silver screws, but how CUTE is this hook on this wall?!

I meannnn…

We were also able to finally hang these three woodland canvases over the crib instead of having them just lean on the ledge of the B&B.

The dresser was also able to be moved back into the room too, but I think I’ll save those pictures for the final reveal NEXT WEEK!

Something else that needs to be installed next week is the swing for the stuffed animals we made! See below.

^ Inspiration from our original mood board ^

Left piece is the before and the right piece is the after math of using a wire brush stripper. Takes off the harshness of the yellow color of the pine and gives it some texture as well. We cut the planks down to 24″ for each shelf.

We have a huge pile of scrap wood that our sellers had left on the side of our house. We can’t use it for any structural projects, but it works great for little projects like this πŸ™‚

We measured the center point on each of the boards and used the drill press with a forstner bit to make holes that we will thread our rope through.


The stuffed animal swing is complete! The top shelf is a little wonky, so we will have to adjust the knot it’s sitting on, but we can do that when we get back over to the nursery next week.

Next up: THE FINAL REVEAL!! Swing Install | Crown Install | Install Curtains | Final Touches πŸ™‚


    1. Thank youuuu!! It’s been such a fun room to work on, just wish it was for my own future child πŸ˜‚


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