Hello friends and welcome to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge! Click on the link or image to be reverted back to the ORC Blog page where you will find hundreds of other creatives working on different rooms in their houses!

If you missed our post last week, here’s a quick catch up summary for you.. we’re going to be working on our friend’s nursery for their baby girl who’s expected to arrive just in time for the reveal in July! You can check out the mood board we pulled together in our last blog post.

Week 2 has come and gone and to be honest, it wasn’t all too thrilling. The majority of time spent was around prepping the room and getting the primer up, so we can start painting.

Here’s a quick glimpse of the room with *most* of the furniture out. We just moved the crib to the center of the room and will cover with a plastic drop cloth.
Started by laying out this Carpet Shield along the edges of the room to protect the carpet and boy am I glad I did….
Because then THIS happened. Do you even believe this?! I went to move an ironing board out of the way and didn’t realize my open paint can was right behind it. Never been so grateful for taking the extra time to prep a space. This would’ve been a disaster had I not.
In addition to the carpet shield, I also made sure I was bringing this old sheet along with me wherever I was painting to prevent splattering from the roller onto the carpet.
Finally, after priming the entire room with KILZ All-Purpose Primer, I put a few paint samples from Sherwin Williams up on the wall.

From left to right: Allison’s Pink, Downing Pink, Mauve Rose
Here we have Simply White and Alabaster.
We haven’t made a decision quite yet, as we’re waiting on the wallpaper to arrive to color match it!

And because I did SUCH a horrible job explaining the plan for this room on Instagram, I thought I should probably be more explicit on what we’re thinking here. The wall with the pink swatches will have wallpaper on the top half and bottom half will be board and batten that will be painted pink. The other 3 walls will be white. We’re waiting to see the wallpaper in person before making a decision on which pink we should go with, so in reality, we may not even go with any of these choices!

This is my PowerPoint compilation for the crib wall, so not all of the walls will look like this.

Next up: pick a pink – paint the rest of the room white – surprise DIY project

Stay tuned next week to find out what we’ll be doing 🙂


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