I wrote this blog post prior to the ORC stating there would be no formal post this week due to the current state of affairs across the world right now. It seems almost trivial to be compiling a post with progress made on a nursery when there are so many more crucial conversations to be had and lots of educating to do. Personally, I know I will be doing lots of reflecting, reading, and hoping it leads to eye opening dialogue.

To those still interested on keeping up with weekly progress reports, I’ve captured the past week’s work below.

Here’s where we left off. We removed the existing baseboard against this back wall, installed the wallpaper to the top half of the wall, and installed the B&B to the bottom half.
Still admiring how good this pink is in this room with this wallpaper.
And one more for good measure 😉
Next up was filling the nail holes with plastic wood and sanding down all of the seams so that they’re flush and can look like one unit.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get any progress shots of this, but after sanding, I was able to caulk all of the corners/edges.
Anywhere there is a gap, you fill with caulk to create a seamless look across the wood treatment wall. That includes where the wood meets the adjacent walls as well.
While I waited for the caulk to dry, it was time to figure out how on earth I was going to remove these wire shelves.
You can see here that a flat or Philips head screwdriver was not going to cut it with these. Turns out they’re thick nails that grip to the inside of the drywall. Perfect.
Sooo I decided we would leave the majority of those right where they are and decided to just cut-in around them instead.

It may not look like painting the inside of the closet is necessary from this view, but in person, you can tell that the paint is just flat peachy colored ceiling paint and just wasn’t going to work with the trim being pink.

Here’s a better shot of the contrast between the Alabaster paint that I’ve used throughout the room next to the existing peachy paint.

I have a fun little idea for the inside of the closet, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to that this week. Next week for sure!! PINKy promise 😉

After waiting on the caulk to dry, I was able to give this B&B one last coat of Persian Pearl.

It’s amazing how much more obsessed we can get with this room week after week. Finishing work is by no means exciting as it doesn’t provide any drastic changes, but it helps make the treatment look more polished and professional. Once we rip down the existing baseboard and reinstall that, we can finally get the crib put back in its place and even start (dare I say it?) DECORATING!

I’ve gotten some really fun, beautiful little surprises in this past week that I can’t wait to share with y’all 😀

Next Up: reinstall baseboard – fun closet project – finish painting the rest of the trim in the room – maybeeee some decor reveals?!


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