It’s finally time for the One Room Challenge! If you aren’t familiar with what this is, don’t worry, up until recently I wasn’t either! Twice a year, you can participate as a guest, alongside 20 featured designers, to join a 6-week challenge to recreate one room (although because of COVID-19, they’ve increased the alotted time to 8 weeks). The event was created and is hosted by Linda Weinstein of Calling it Home and Better Homes and Gardens. With hundreds of guest participants, you can be sure to find endless inspiration and original ideas by following along here.

We knew we wanted to officially participate in the ORC this Spring, but weren’t sure which room to choose. We *unofficially* participated in the Fall ’19 ORC by finishing up our mudroom/secondary office space, but we were really looking forward to getting in for real this time around!

There are so many in-process rooms we are working on right now including an update to our kitchen cabinet doors, building a sideboard for our living room, and our never ending trim saga. We could start on our master closet or work on our guest bedroom, but we’re just not ready to commit to another mess in the middle of all our other little projects right now.

So with THAT in mind, we floated an idea to our pregnant friend 😉 We wanted to do something special for her shower, especially since they likely will not be able to have an in-person shower with all their friends and family amidst this pandemic. We thought giving them the nursery of their dreams would make for a good substitute. As soon as she said they’re in, I started planning out the room.. I can’t help myself sometimes.

Knowing that they’ll be having a little GIRL 😀 I started sending her a few Pinterest images I had already saved to get a feel for what she was looking for. Here are the ones I pulled..

Ultimately, her favorite design was this one, but with a girly touch…

Then I had her send me pictures and items she had already acquired, i.e. furniture, themed items, etc, so I could start pulling together a mood board. Here’s what we’re working with…

Pretty much a blank canvas, which is perfect!

Mood Board

Crib // Dresser // Glider // Skunk Rocker // Stump Side Table // Rug // Mirror // Chandelier // Lantern Lamp // Bunny Lamp // Wallpaper

This is a pretty high level overview of my initial thoughts, but essentially, I wanted to make sure we were hitting the woodland creature theme while staying elegant and sophisticated. It was important to me that this room could transform into a young girl’s room in due time. If this little princess outgrows the wooded animals, well then you just remove them and replace them with dolls or princesses. The wallpaper was a key element in creating this room as it provides some texture, isn’t too pink where it would be overwhelming, and like I said, is transitional from baby to toddler.

That’s all for now! Next up: Priming the walls for paint/wallpaper and board and batten!

Make sure to follow along on our Instagram for all the behind the scenes. We’ll be sure to continue posting stories along the way. Thanks for following along!


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