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About a year and a half of living with an original 1983 bathroom, it was finally time to renovate the space.

A few things I knew I wanted in this space: a light wood vanity, 3 individual wall sconces instead of a double/triple sconce, and white walls and tile.

I also drew a lot of inspiration for this bathroom makeover from Jenna Sue Design. Her Guest Bathroom and Master Bathroom both had elements I really loved and was able to incorporate them here. Find all of her amazing projects on her blog:

Starting with a few before pictures…

The view from the bedroom
The bathroom was separated into 2 rooms
Behind the door was the toilet, shower, and another sink.
Classic 1980’s tray shower
Another sink on the other side of the door

So, we started by removing the wall (not load-bearing), both sinks, and shower insert.

Check out the ceiling over the shower. For whatever reason, builders in the 80’s thought a lower ceiling would decrease the condensation from the steam of the shower. To me, it’s just taking up valuable space and making the room look much smaller.
Goodbye low ceiling!

When removing the drywall, we exposed the attic, which happens to be full of hot air. Soon after beginning the demo, our upstairs HVAC shut down on us, so cue unexpected setback #1.

FYI renovating a small space, in the middle of August, with no AC = not fun.

Had a plumber come & cap off the one sink that was behind the door…
…and install another supply and drain line for our double vanity.

From there, it was getting the walls up, sealing the seams, priming for paint, and waterproofing for tile.

Note the Starbucks cup. Necessary when working 12-14 hour days.

I would argue the worst/most frustrating part of the entire reno was the drywall work. Talk about dust and just mass chaos… will be hiring out for this next time around.

Finally we were ready to put the board and batten up (really, just batten.. no board necessary with non-textured walls).

Now to my *second* favorite part of the renovation.. tile work 🙂 Second only to decorating, of course.

I had my tiles picked out for about a month or two at this point, so I was ready to finally start laying down the mortar and getting to work.

Tile graveyard
This tile was inspired by Jenna Sue’s Guest Bathroom in her new Heights House ( ). If you’re at all interested in DIY home renovations – she’s a must follow!

Last minute decision to add some faux beams that Lake boxed together from some 1×4″ common board we had lying around from past projects. To achieve the rustic look, we used a propane torch to char the wood and then went over it with a wire brush to create texture. I love how it brings in so much warmth to an otherwise cold-hued bathroom.

Almost forgot to mention setbacks #2 & #3…

One of our sinks from Amazon showed up like this ^ on our door step and the toilet from Lowe’s came like this. Fortunately, both were able to accept returns and replace the items, but it’s always a little disheartening when you go to install something and it’s completely unusable.

Setback #4 was the delay in getting the custom vanity top to be cut and delivered. We’d be promised one day and then not hear from the company until the day after. Super frustrating people to work with, but the overall cost savings (due to the mistakes on their end) were worth the wait.

Also, I know it may look like now is the first time I’m getting involved in this project, but I promise you, I was helping the whole time! I just happen to be the only one who will stop for progress pictures.

Last, but not least (in terms of tile) was the bathroom floor!

And that’s it! From here, we installed the custom vanity that Lake built out of reclaimed White Oak barn wood. Had the remnant stone company FINALLY come cut the top and place the sinks. Some hard plumbing work later and we’re finally done with the master bathroom.

Hope you like it because we can’t get enough of it!

Let us know what you think : )


Floor Tile: Floor & Decor
Shower Floor Tile: Home Depot
Shower Walls: Lowe’s
Shower Niches: Lowe’s
Shower Head: Overstock
Shower Door: Overstock
Toilet: Home Depot
Sinks: Amazon
Faucets: Amazon
Sconces: Amazon
Rug: Amazon
Mirrors: Kirkland’s
Apothecary: Anthropologie
Towel Bars: Anthropologie
Stool: Target
Wooden Frames: H&M


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